Selenon Rising Episode 2 Releases Today

Episode 2 of Selenon Rising releases today on Steam, continuing the story of Selenon Rising with more detective work and interrogations.

It is a DLC to the main game, so it will appear in your DLC list when you purchase it, and will unlock in the game’s episode select screen.

In the first half of the episode, the main character Violet will tackle her most difficult case yet as a Bureau agent – a high-profile murder with no obvious culprit. Will Violet fail to catch the criminal? The life of a friend is on the line…

In the second half, Violet must track down a mysterious suspect skilled at cloaking their true emotions. But even if Violet does tease out the truth, the danger of this mission may be a bit too much to handle…

What is Moonshot, and can Violet truly reconcile herself with the mission of the Bureau? Find out in Episode 2!

And keep watch for Episode 3, whose release is planned later in 2017. Yes, that’s right – it won’t take nearly as long to release. Wooo!