Icebound 2.0 patch release imminent

The release of version 2.0 of Icebound will be hitting Steam in the coming days. It is the largest patch to date and will update the somewhat older game to the most modern version of the engine. The full changelog will be posted on release, but the most major changes will be detailed here.

UI Redesign

Many parts of the UI have been redone for an improved appearance, such as the main menu, which now has selectable backgrounds upon completion of various objectives in the game. New quality-of-life features have been added, including brand new settings and a text history screen.

Character Redesign

Many of the creatures in the game received an artistic rework. Fei has an updated appearance that more conforms to the original vision. Nibbles and Bessie received the most significant redesigns. Yoreya, the Familiar of Barzul, also received a slight redesign.

Additional Lore

A large amount of lore about Icebound’s universe has been clarified in the ensuing years since the game’s release, so many additional lore entries have been added when they are pertinent to what happens in the game.

Other Notes

Voice acting will not be featured in this patch, but is still planned for a future version 3.0. Due to my inexperience in game development, I hired a novice to edit the lines, resulting in glitchy, unusable voice lines in the end. I still retain the raw voice files and plan to perform the editing myself instead to ensure its quality. This will be a slow process, however. My plan is to release the voice acting by ingame day, but since it is incomplete, its default state will be off, and it can be toggled on. Once the voice acting for all days is in the game, I will set its default state to on. Day 1’s voice acting has already been edited, so it may be added into the game fairly soon after the patch.