Icebound Version 1.01 Released

Version 1.01 for Icebound has been submitted and should be up for download soon. We recommend that everyone who has downloaded Icebound redownload Patch 1.01 once it is up to fix some issues that have been discovered post-release.

Changes made to the game include:

– Installer fixes
– Minor dialog & sound fixes
– Cut off cutscene box fixes
– Added unlockable stats screen to show completed puzzles and puzzle info
– Added Web Links screen
– Added alignment counters
– Decreased game filesize (Down to 280 MB from 433 MB)
– Non-installer Windows version

We plan to release a similarly compressed demo soon. The size decrease has no effect on the game, it was simply done using compression algorithms.

Thank you for the support so far and we hope you enjoy Icebound!