This studio’s first game, it began development in 2010 on the RPG Maker XP engine. It was planned to release as a free indie game for PC. Sadly, it was cancelled 20% of the way through development due to various factors.

Despite this, the incredible soundtrack is fully complete, and it also has a full complement of concept art from start to finish. I consider it an indefinitely stalled project, and once I have the budget to resurrect it, it will be recreated as a several hour free indie game with new graphics.


The Evil Lord, a being of great power, once came close to obliterating the world using his magically created underlings. He was sealed away, but now he has returned… and created you, a nameless “Minion” servant. One day, you are sent on a mission to murder the Chosen One, a human hero chosen by destiny to destroy the Evil Lord once again.

When you accidentally end up killing the Chosen One, you think that you might actually have a chance at overthrowing the Evil Lord himself. With the help of your inner sociopath, you set out on a quest to gain enough power to usurp the Evil Lord in his dark castle. But, some jerk who thinks he’s the real Chosen One might get in your way…


  • 5 exciting levels
  • Laugh-out-loud humor
  • Epic story with a unique hero
  • Pixel-art style retro graphics
  • Action RPG gameplay (may or may not be changed)


Demo Download:

Coming Soon! (I seem to have lost the download…)