Icebound Voiced Demo and Release Date

The moment has finally arrived for the release of both the voiced demo and Icebound itself!

Unfortunately, the voice acting has proved to be such a time-consuming and herculean task that we estimate it might take a while before it is yet completed when testing is factored in. While all the voice lines are, of course, present and accounted for, the editing and testing process is long and arduous for a game with such a huge amount of text.

The good news is, that for this reason, we have made the decision to release Icebound itself, unvoiced, on April 3rd. This way, anyone who doesn’t mind reading the visual novel without voice over will be able to play, and those who prefer to wait can check out the new demo to see how it will sound when the voice over is fully completed in the next few months. Though, since the story can change a lot on multiple playthroughs, these two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Of course, everyone who gets Icebound will get a free patch later on containing the fully voiced game which they can download via the Humble Store.

We also expect to be releasing Icebound via Amazon Digital, and it should be available in their Indie Games section upon release. This will also be kept up to date with the most recent version.

You can download the voiced demo from our website at (click “Download Demo” or one of the mirrors).

If you like what you hear and haven’t yet voted for us on Greenlight, make sure to visit our page and cast your vote. We are halfway there already and every vote helps to put us over the edge. If you’re waiting to make that decision, we hope you will enjoy the game when it’s released!

Thanks for the support! We will continue to update you on progress of the voice acting as it develops – and of course, the release of the game.

In the meantime, you can check out this map of Permia, the game’s world setting, here. While all the locations are unlikely to be featured as settings, some others may pop up in this game and potentially in future installments.