Icebound Released!

Icebound has been released and is now available to download on the official site via the Humble Bundle. As our debut commercial work, we are excited to see how coverage of the game progresses amongst fans and the gaming press. It is a concept that has not really been touched on before, at least in the western world of visual novels, and we hope it will pave the way to more similar games in the future.

The soundtrack is also available for download here for the low price of $5 if you have beaten the game and enjoy the soundtrack, or are just interested in supporting the composer. The soundtrack is great and we hope that a lot of people download it for their personal collections.

We hope to perhaps put some more related items such as posters and T-shirts up for sale soon.

If you enjoyed the game, you can vote for us on Steam Greenlight here and make sure to spread the word.

The free voiced version patch will be released later this year for all purchasers of the game to download.