Icebound: Feran Psychologist Announced! (April Fools)

Fastermind Studios has finally announced the title of its next game after Selenon Rising Episode 2-4 are finally released, and it is one that is sure to get the GOATY Award (Game of All Time and the Year Award)!

In this game, you play as the brilliant Dr. L, a member of the Imperial Academy who gets sent deep into feran territory as a supposed envoy. His secret mission? Stop the war between humans and ferans by using his psychoanalytical skills.

In order to do so he must become a trusted therapist, but he soon realizes that figuring out feran problems is a lot harder than it looks.

Experience thrills and chills as the balance of a successful therapy session hangs on a razor’s edge!

When you are forced to solve the latent psychological issues of the Council themselves, will you emerge victorious or will the Icebound world erupt into all-out war once again!?

Coming soon to Steam Bluelight (the successor to Steam Greenlight)!